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CRCM offers customized security concepts for businesses which have branches in North Africa or plan future projects in the region.


We analyze your specific security requirements with the help of a thorough political and security risk and threat analysis, suggest a security concept for the protection of your staff and your company site and help with the implementation.


We have become known for the integrity and quality of our analysis. Our regular reporting is business-focused and appeals to experts and newcomers alike, both within and outside the security and political arena. 

We have a comprehensive knowledge of the North African culture, politics and the growing Islamist ideology, which enables us to make reasoned predictions with authority. In addition to our regular analysis, we also produce bespoke reports which answer client-specific issues or concerns. Our network of contacts gives us an excellent coverage enabling us to assess the political and security situation with regards to your needs. We provide a consultative service rather than just a written report, meaning that we can get to the heart of the issues confronting clients and provide them with clear guidance as to the probable course of events.


As for today, we cover North Africa and provide reports on a weekly basis and Special Reports on the key threats, all in a format that you can easily issue to colleagues, re-badged as your corporate product.


Our reporting is not just a re-hash of the news but is actionable analysis on which clients can make strategic business decisions. Our value lies in our reasoned predictions which are consistently proved to be credible and accurate.


We produce highly-regarded reporting on political trends, security incidents and Islamist threats in the area.  



An individual political and security risk and threat analysis is the first step to creating a secure environment for your business project.
By your data, we apply international security standards for assessing the risk and threat potential regarding your business activities in the relevant North African region. We do not limit ourselves to general abstract statements regarding the threat situation of a particular country but provide you with concrete information regarding individual regions and the relevant local actors. This is the essential difference between advice by the Foreign Office or other international consultancies and us!
We will provide you with most detailed district maps covering militia checkpoints, trouble spots and recommended routes along with an in-depth analysis specially adapted to your needs. 


We work with clients in a broad range of industries in the North African region - from those considering a first-time investment in the region to those with established interests that seek to understand emerging developments and evolving trends in a particular region.   

It is important to appreciate the value of understanding the political and security risks that your company can face as you expand into new territories. We provide the analysis and tools to help manage these risks.    


Our services are designed to facilitate your decisions through the provision of a comprehensive report on relevant political and security risks. Not all potential risks are equal to our customers.


In contrast to other consultancies, we do not incorporate a general 'traffic lighting' scheme to indicate threats in different countries. The risks in the North African region differ significantly from one place or client to the other. This dynamic landscape is the reason why our consultancy remains driven by our aspiration to deliver reliable and exclusive advice and concrete results to our customers.  


We will offer you solutions for
Political risk analysis
Strategic forecasting
Security analysis and threat assessments


We help you to minimize the risk for your business and private travel in the North African region. The provision of detailed information on the threats from terrorism and crime but also from strikes and health issues will contribute to a realistic picture of your travel region.
For the tourist sector, we also offer individual products in crisis monitoring, which meet the particular requirements of travel organizations.

Companies have a duty of care to safeguard traveling employees. This includes not only monitoring threat levels in the region but preparing personnel before travel.
Terrorism, Kidnap for ransom, and political violence pose a growing threat to international travelers in North Africa.
We help you to establish procedures and instruments to react to travel related incidents, from the routine to the extraordinary. 
We provide you with vital risk information about the particular region you or your employees plan to visit. Regular updates will allow you to plan more efficiently and stay safe while abroad.
Our analysts study local and global threats as outlined in our Risk Rating System and assist clients with advance travel procedure, security advice and local support.



We create customized security concepts which will enable you to assess more reliably the risks and threats of business activities in North Africa. Our daily updated information on the security situation will help you to choose and secure the location of your business site, your residence, and your transport routes. We show you how to protect your projects and staff efficiently, help you to recruit and train locals and to implement an effective crisis management.


The achieving level of protection of a security concept is defined in a way that the company's flows will fit the requests of the danger defense and consider the insurance claims as well as from the result of the risk analysis.

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