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Political & Security Risk Analysis

An individual political and security risk and threat analysis is the first step to creating a secure environment for your business project. On the basis of your data, we apply international security standards for assessing the risk and threat potential regarding your business activities in the relevant North African region. We do not limit ourselves to general abstract statements regarding the threat situation of a particular country but provide you with concrete information regarding individual regions and the relevant local actors. 

Travel Risk Management
Security Concepts

We create customized security concepts which will enable you to assess more reliably the risks and threats of business activities in North Africa.


Our daily updated information on the security situation will help you to choose and secure the location of your business site, your residence, and your transport routes.

We show you how to protect your projects and staff efficiently, help you to recruit and train locals and to implement an effective crisis management.

We help you to minimize the risk for your business and private travel in the North African region. The provision of detailed information on the threats from terrorism and crime but also from strikes and health issues will contribute to a realistic picture of your travel region.
Apart from that, we will show you how to set up an effective travel risk management.


For the tourist sector, we also offer products in the travel safety area, which meet the special requirements of travel organizations.



We offer customized political and security risk analysis for businesses that have branches in North Africa or have such plans for the future.
We offer a broad range of solutions to our customers. First, we identify your requirements and then we – in cooperation with our regional experts - set up a customized political and security risk analysis for the region in question.
We can provide you and your staff with the necessary regional background information, and we help you facilitate your contact with the various local actors.
We will put together an individually customized political and security risk analysis for your business and your target country. The components are based on a clear and fair price structure, giving you a complete outline of the costs from the very start.
You can profit from our regional focus and the many years of experience in security management in the North African region. 



Not just since the beginning of the Arab Spring and the resulting adverse effects on the security situation has this required specialized regional expertise and relevant contacts to the political, administrative and security sector of the target countries.


Our experts have exclusively worked in the political and security analysis sector with a regional focus on North Africa for years. Also, our various experts (risk and threat analysis, planning, implementation, risk management and travel safety) are advised by regional specialists who have a broad knowledge of the region in question and the specific security situation.
Over the years, we have established a reputation for expertise,
integrity and rigor. Our analysts and researchers are both subject-matter and regional experts and we set great value upon producing written work that is accessible, objective and unambiguous.


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